Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a type of restoration that is used to replace a missing tooth. If you have a missing tooth, your only two options in the past were fixed bridge work and a partial denture. With state-of-the-art implant technology, we’re able to carefully insert a titanium post into the bone so that it acts like a secured abutment for a crown. This prevents the need to file down and compromise surrounding teeth for a fixed bridge.

Why are Dental Implants needed?

Dental implants often have two purposes that are incredibly beneficial to patients. The first benefit of a dental implant is to replace a missing tooth. The second benefit is for patients who wear dentures and want a more secure-fitting appliance. Several implants can be placed to securely snap onto the denture plate, keeping it in the mouth and prevent it from slipping.

What makes you a good candidate for Dental Implants?

In order to properly place the implant, you will need to undergo oral surgery. For successful treatment, you must be healthy and vital enough to undergo this type of procedure and be free of any medical condition that affects your ability to completely heal. The procedure relies on osseointegration to be a success, which means that there must be enough bone structure in the designated area for the implant to bond with. You may require a bone graft if there isn’t enough healthy bone where the implant is going to be placed.

What happens during the procedure for Dental Implants?

You’ll come in and receive anesthetic of your choice. For single implants, simple local anesthetic is all that is often needed. However, we offer many sedation options to make it easier than ever for you to receive the care that you need. The implant’s post is carefully inserted into the bone underneath the gum line. The gums are then sutured and you’ll be given instructions on how to care for the surgical site. In about four to six months, your implant will bond with your bone naturally and you’ll come back in to have a dental crown both made and placed on top of the implant. If you think you might need a dental implant or would like to inquire more about this procedure, call our office today and our staff members will be happy to assist you.