What are Dentures?

Dentures are a prosthetic dental appliance that replaces many or all of your existing teeth. Full dentures involve a complete set of teeth for either one or both arches. Partial dentures can be worn similarly to a dental retainer, but they contain just a few teeth that you’re currently missing. Both dentures and partials can last for about five to seven years before they’ll eventually need to be replaced.

Why are Dentures needed?

Dentures are often needed if you’re missing many or all of your teeth. Not only do dentures restore your smile and the functionality of your teeth, but they can also help in filling out your cheeks so that they look less sunken in. Dentures can improve your smile and cause you to look years younger. They’re made professionally for each individual patient, so they’re comfortable and look realistic.

What makes you a candidate for Dentures?

If you have advanced gum disease and have many teeth that are loose or missing, you’re a good candidate for dentures. Extractions of existing teeth may be necessary prior to being fitted for a denture plate. You will need to come in for an exam and consultation before you can be fitted for dentures. Most of our patients who are missing a lot or all of their teeth are good candidates for dentures.

What happens during the procedure for Dentures?

If extractions need to be done before being fitted for a denture, this will be completed and your gums given time to heal fully. You’ll then come in and have impressions taken of your mouth and gums so that professional dental technicians are able to sculpt and create a new set of dentures. You’ll come back into our office once your new dentures have been made to have them fitted. It’s normal to need several adjustments to the new denture before it fits comfortably and snugly. Implant-supported dentures are another option for patients who want an alternative for keeping their dentures in place.

If you think you need dentures or want to have an existing plate replaced, call our office today and we’ll work to get you in for an appointment.