Preventative Care

What is Preventative Care?

Preventative care is crucial in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Even with the very best at-home care, it is important to come into the office twice a year for your preventative care appointments. Most often, preventative care involves an examination and general cleaning. Additional preventative procedures are available that can help in reducing the likelihood of decay and other dental problems.

Why is Preventative Care needed?

Preventative care is essential in keeping your smile as healthy as possible. It’s recommended that you come into the office twice a year for a bi-annual exam and cleaning to keep your gums and teeth in good shape. Most preventative care appointments take just about an hour in our office. With the help of routine preventative care, we’re able to spot problems before they’re allowed to get worse as well as prevent issues from beginning in the first place.


What makes you a good candidate for Preventative Care?

All patients are good candidates for preventative care. It’s important for children to come into the office when they first begin to develop their baby teeth. An exam and cleaning can help to monitor a child’s tooth development and growth while keeping the teeth as healthy as possible. Other preventative care options include dental sealants and fluoride treatments. These options are available to all of our patients upon both request and need.

What can be expected with routine Preventative Care?

We can pre-schedule your dental appointments with us so that you never miss a visit. Your preventative care appointment normally starts with a general cleaning. The cleaning involves removing hardened plaque and tartar from the teeth and checking the gums for signs of gingivitis and gum disease. After the cleaning, Dr. Salamon will come in and perform an examination. The exam checks for signs of tooth decay, loose restorations and other intra-oral problems. We can create a treatment plan as needed and schedule you for additional work, if this is required.

If you’re in need of preventative care and want to know more about your options, call our office today and we’ll work to get you in for an appointment.